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How to get fit fast

Fitness Challenge.

How about a way to get fit fast and burn around 1000 calories with only 5 minutes of exercise?

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well it’s not at all please bare in mind exercise is not easy and definitely not for the faint hearted.

Want To Get Fit Fast?

This exercise is something I stumbled upon a while ago when I wanted to get fit fast. I found a cheap fitness Ebook on Amazon, because the book had no statistics of the sheer damage this exercise would do to calories and stored body fat I decided to test it myself. I own a Polar Heart Monitor watch with chest strap which is what I used to measure the calories burned to the time spent doing the exercise.

This test started with both the exercise and the Polar Heart Monitor at the same time and performed the toughest cardiovascular exercise I have ever tried for the full 5 minutes, bare in mind I couldn’t keep the same pace as what I started with for very long and ended up walking but didn’t stop at all regardless of the pain.

Polar M400 Heart Rate Monitor With GPS | Get Fit Fast with Polar

On completion my lungs burned, my legs burned, & I was drenched in sweat. When I dragged myself off the floor I went and lay down and did I absolutely nothing for the next 55 minutes just used this time as rest. I left the Polar Heart Monitor on for the experiment. After the initial 5 minutes of exercise the Polar said I had burned around 80 calories which seemed like a whole lot of pain for very little gain.

At the 60 minute mark the Polar said I had burned 836 calories which is not bad for 5 minutes of initial effort. After the first 2 minutes my legs had almost died I pushed through and slowed down for the rest for the remaining minutes rather than doing less time and just stopping. If I could have kept up the pace I think it would have been over 1000 calories.

So what is this 5 minute 1000 calorie burning exercise I hear you say?

It is what can only be described as the 5 minute stair run.

That’s right you basically sprint up the stairs and jog down for 5 minutes straight.

This does sound like easy task and not much of a challenge at all. Please approach this with extreme caution.

To perform this exercise correctly you sprint up stairs and jog down stairs. The jog down is an active rest for the sprints up. This exercise is an absolute killer, my sprints up died off around the 2 minute mark and I continued to the 5 minutes just walking.

This get fit fast exercise will deliver amazing results to all who try it.

The exercise will continue to be trying as the more you do it the longer you will sprint for. Because this is a sprint your level 10 will always be challenging like HIIT (Interval Training) this never gets easier.

We suggest trying this for a few weeks to raise your fitness level and lose bodyfat in a timely manner.

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