Build an urban survival kit

Urban Survival Kit

What’s needed in an urban survival kit?

An urban survival kit contains many of the items below law permitting and every persons will vary slightly. These are in no order of importance as they all play their own vital roles in an urban survival kit. I have linked out to all the items I own for more information.

1. Multitool

A multitool is the absolute essential tool of essential tools in an urban environment. My tool of choice is the Leatherman Charge TTI with the Bit Extender and Bit Kit. This is a great Multitool and will fit all your needs, the only negative point is its a little on the heavy side at 236 grams but the functionality of this masterpiece exceeds this setback. I also own the Leatherman PS4 in black and this is always on my keys.

Leatherman Charge TTI for urban survival kit


2. USB Pen Drive

The USB drive is commonplace today with so much data to transfer and an absolute must in an urban survival kit. My favorite is the Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth, this tough rugged waterproof USB drive is the perfect option for me. This comes in various sizes and colours and as usual I like the black one.

corsair flash survivor

3. Flashlight

It helps you see in the dark and is a great tool for signaling. LED lights are the way to go as the bulbs seem to last and they require little power. The one I have is the ThruNite T10T with a max output of 208 lumens and takes 1 x AA Battery. I also have the Photon Freedom Micro on my keys and another one on the zipper of my pack.

ThruNite T10T Flashlight for urban survival kit

4. Cordage

Always handy to have around, cordage of some kind comes in handy for all kinds of tasks. Cordage comes in many forms from climbing rope to bank line to Kevlar thread. My choice is always 550 Paracord due to its sheer strength and durability.

Black 550 Paracord

5. First Aid Kit

Never knowing when an injury might happen, carrying a first aid kit is essential as part of any survival kit and an urban survival kit is no different. Bandages, plasters, pain killers etc always come in handy. As an easy starting point I bought the Lifesystems Adventurer First Aid Kit as this comes pre-packed with all the essentials. The aim is to create my own using the 5.11 Med Pouch but I haven’t done that yet.

Lifesystems first aid kit

6. Pen / Pencil / Sharpie

Good for taking notes and doodling, having a pen and paper in an emergency can prove useful. Pens, pencils & sharpies all have their uses. An old tale is that the Americans spent a fortune to create a pen that would write on almost any surface and even upside down, the Russians just used a pencil. An old wooden pencil is pretty fool proof and the writing or doodling can be removed if required. I have carried a Boker Plus Tactical Pen for years but more and more people are onto the fact it is much more than a pen. Now I carry the Zebra F-301 stainless steel pen. Still quite tactical and could be used as a stabbing instrument in an emergency situation.

Boker Plus Tactical Pen

7. Combustion

Making fire can be vital in a survival situation, the urban environment is no different. Could be to light cigarettes, burn tags off clothing or just simply a precaution in case any needs arise. The best lighter I have found is the Wenger Clava, the flame on this is amazing but it is a little bulky in size. For this reason I also own and carry the Mini Bic lighter, cheap & reliable.

Wenger Clava Black

8. Space Blanket

Almost every emergency situation requires a space blanket. Such a versatile item, these can be used to create a makeshift shelter and get you out of the elements. A lot of companies make these blankets and they are cheap and are a good addition to your urban survival kit. EVAQ8 do a good one which is called the Thermal Survival Blag which is the one I own, I haven’t had to use it yet and bloody glad about it too.

EVAQ8 Thermal Survival Bag

9. Sewing Kit

For repairing kit or clothes this is always handy to have around. A lady who I work with was able to help a young chap in need when he split his pants picking something up at work. Not very survival I know but a very embarrassing situation nonetheless. The Army Field Sewing Kit is small, cheap & easy. It comes in a camouflage case meaning it doesn’t blend in too well in an urban environment but it is small enough to fit in a small bag.

Army Field Sewing Kit


Last but not least is to have a good set of skills. The SAS Urban Survival Handbook by John “Lofty” Wiseman is always a good place to start for reading, just don’t forget to practice the practical as well.

SAS Urban Survival Guide

Why should you carry an urban survival kit?

The reason some people carry a survival kit in an urban environment is so they are prepared and have peace of mind when commuting to work or traveling.

The world can be a dangerous place and you never know what disasters or incidents are around the corner. Here in the U.K. laws and violent thugs mean we are not allowed to carry any kind of weapon even for a defensive purpose which can leave us vulnerable to would be attackers, thieves and even terrorists.

Having a kit with a few items close by will give you a little more confidence knowing its there and could be a life saver should anything go wrong. Being prepared is everything when it comes to survival, don’t be caught out in the storm.


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